Dispatch Food-Grade Alpha-Amylase to Indonesia

April 24, 2020


A trailer truck loaded with seventeen metric tons of food-grade non-GMM Alpha-Amylase was leaving our plant to Shanghai for delivery to Indonesia next week.

Produced from classic strains of Bacillus subtilis through submerged fermentation, extraction and refining processes, our natural alpha-amylase products are featured with robust enzymatic activity that enables to reduce the viscosity of starch effectively, shorten processing time, maximize the utilization of raw materials and reduce production costs for the alcohol and brewing industries.

With its customized alpha-amylase activity and private label, our products have been appreciated by the alcohol producers and breweries in Indonesia during the past years.

We are grateful for the support from our customers, especially during this difficult time of Covid-19 pandemic. It is our sincere hope and strong belief that the epidemic would be under control step by step, and our customers and their families will stay safe and very well.


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