Launch of New Product : Laccase

May 10, 2021

Latest company news about Launch of New Product : Laccase


We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new enzyme product Laccase (EC for food industrial applications.

Laccase is a glycoprotein consisting of three parts: peptide chain, glycoside and copper ions Cu2+. It can catalyze phenols, aromatic amines, carboxylic acids, steroid hormones, biological pigments, metal-organic compounds, and non-phenolic substances to produce quinone compounds, carbonyl compounds, and water. The copper ions contained in laccase, which are located at the active site of the enzyme, can cooperatively transfer electrons and reduce oxygen to water during oxidation reactions.


Our laccase enzyme product is available both in powder and liquid form. The main applications for in the food insutry can be summarized as follows:


  • Beer:

Laccase can be used in the pre-treatment of wort or at the end of the beer production process to remove oxygen and oxidize the unwanted phenolic compounds, thus increase the transparency of beer, improve the quality and nutritional value, and extend the shelf-life.


  • Wine:

A major factor that determines the quality of wine is its stability. Only stable wine can maintain its mellow taste. Laccase can help to oxidize the residual phenolic compounds in the wine, thus greatly improve the stability of wine, retain the taste and nutrients. It can also be used as clarifying agent during the wine processing which enables better and more effective result than the conventional clarifying method.


  • Juice:

Phenols and their oxides naturally present in juice will affect the unique flavor and color of juice, so phenols are extremely important index for juice beverages. Comparing with the conventional method of adding ascorbic acid and sulfate, use of laccase in the filtration of juice processing can greatly improve the flavor and color of juice, and improve its stability.


  • Baking:

Laccase has the special ability of cross-linking polymers. This enables the use of laccase in baking to increase the dough strength and reduce the viscosity of dough, improve the processing properties of dough and inhibit the expansion of flour during the baking process, and make a denser taste. In addition, laccase can improve the structure of dough and increase the softness of baked products.


  • Other applications:
In the production of edible fungus, Laccase can promote the decomposition of lignin and provide nutrients that are more easier to absorb for fungus cultivation. The catalytic properties of copper ions in laccase enables Laccase to remove dissolved oxygen in food, such as salads and mayonnaise, and eliminate volatile odor components generated by
the reaction of linolenic acid and dissolved oxygen contained in food, so as to improve the sensory characteristics. In the production of alcohol and brewing can improve the extraction rate of grain cell content (such as protein, starch and some trace elements), shorten the fermentation time, and increase the yield of alcohol.